Personal Guidance

Personal Guidance involves a special type of relationship between counsellor and the person seeking help. It is a collaborative process where the therapeutic relationship is a central factor in successful therapy. Therefore it's important to find the right counsellor for you.

Things to consider in looking for a counsellor include qualifications, training and experience, male or female, young or mature counsellor, cultural issues, whether the counsellor has experience with your particular issue, type of therapy, and cost.

In this respect Roslyn has had experience in working with clients of all ages and cultures and offers a respectful, face to face counselling session.

I have many years of counselling experience in India and help clients with personal and relationships problems, grief and loss/bereavement, drug and alcohol, as well as anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues including trauma/PTSD, self esteem, major life changes, separation and divorce, anger, conflict and personal problems.

A variety of counselling approaches is used. Depending on the client's presenting issues, approaches to therapy might include solution-focused, narrative, cognitive-behaviour therapy (CBT), NLP, EMDR, strengths-based and motivational interviewing.

Personal Counselling Services offers counselling for individuals and couples. Sometimes a client needs to see a counsellor when there is conflict, stress or high levels of emotion. Or it may be that a client recognises it's time for a change and needs assistance to look for new options.

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