Who are you?

Eternal , unborn in the Self Which is called the soul when it abides in finite centres,.
bodies, forms, In truth it is the self of all. Glory immortal, omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient

-----bhagavad Gita 11 23, 24

Have you ever yearned to know your real nature and become aware of basic truth? Because you have taken residence in this body, can you call it “I”? “I” in you is like the tiny wave that plays with the wind for a moment, over the deep waters of the sea. Just as the waves appears to be separate from the sea, but you know it is an inseparable part of the timeless ocean, similarly you too are not just the body, but a soul, which is a spark of the almighty creator. Your body is just a vehicle for your soul. When you ride a vehicle, do you say the vehicle is you? You do take the vehicle when you step down from it on reaching home. So you have to drop this body of yours too when you reach your ultimate” home”. Long identification with the material world has trained you that the false is true, that the temporary is eternal.

Spend some time in silence every day. Ask yourself the questions again and again; ‘who am I?’ Whence have I come? Where is my true home? Why am I here?’ One day answer will come to you from the depth within. And so to you will be revealed the secret of life.

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