What is Prayer?

Prayer is talking to God. We can talk in whisper. We can talk in a shout. We can talk body language. We can talk in pictures. We can talk through music. We can talk through rhyme. What matters is less how we talk than that we talk. “ Goddammit, I pray badly” is a perfect prayer. “My God, my God why have you forsaken me?” is what Jesus prayed. He did not mince with words.

We know that when we want to use our telephone, it needs to have a wire and there has to be electricity in that wire.. prayer works the same way. If our prayer doesn’t have the energy of faith, compassion, and love, it is like trying to use a telephone when there is no electricity in the wire.

If you pray for health, success and good relationships, then you are not yet an authentic practitioner. An authentic practitioner has to pray at a deeper level. If we don’t pray and deepen our spiritual practice, we suffer intensely when we don’t have what we want in the world. But when we have been in touch with God , the suchness of all things , then it doesn’t matter if we don’t have what we want. Make your life a true prayer by surrendering all your actions to God with humbleness and devotion. Have unbounded faith in your prayers and know that God’s will is yours.

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