About Healing Hub

Hi, I am Vandana and your spiritual coach, guide and healer. Each one of us needs healing from physical, mental and emotional pain. We all desire to live a happy, healthy and blissful life at all given times and situations. Can all this be accomplished? Yes, this can be achieved by understanding cosmic energy and self- knowledge.

At Healing Hub, Journey to self- awareness will lead you to realisation of true freedom and real life purpose. It is a journey to deeper understanding of your true self in order to live a peaceful, healthy, happy, fearless, powerful spiritual life. Will help you to seek answers to all questions and mysteries of life, developing inner power and getting into the state of unbounded joy and everlasting bliss. A journey to know and seek your true self and become one with divine source. Develop deep bonding and unbounded faith and love for the DIVINE the supreme power. Understand power of now- a key to true freedom. To BE and enjoy BEING. Understand the power of sub-conscious mind to bring abundance and fulfil all your dreams.

With this venture, I aim to heal people, give them peace of mind, and solutions to all their problems.

1. Meditational practices - Meditation enhances the power of body, mind and spirit and opens the door of sixth sense and beyond. Develops intuitive and telepathic abilities. Releases all stress and worries and transmutes all negativity or dark energies into positive energy of love, peace, harmony and abundance.

2. Reiki - REIKI IS UNIVERSAL LIFE FORCE ENERGY WHICH HEALS YOUR BODY, MIND AND SOUL. It is a simple hands-on healing technique raising person’s life force frequency. Help the person to experience vibrant health and balance and finally experience freedom and unity.

3. Crystal Healing: - Crystal heals holistically and dissolves disease – they act on your body, mind, psyche and spirit to restore equilibrium and rectify the cause of disease. It cleans all chakras, restores equilibrium and strength your aura. They are like cosmic transceivers stepping cosmic energy down from spiritual level so that it can be absorbed and used by physical body.

4. Tarot Card Reading: - A divination tool. It is a window to your soul, revealing your true self and predicting your future.

5. Angel Oracle Card Reading - Angels guiding and helping us remember our divine life purpose and giving courage to fulfill this important mission. Gives guidance to any question asked related to any spheres of life.

6. Fairies Oracle Card Reading - Fairies are GOD’s angels involved with helping us to “LIGHTEN UP” so that we can have more fun. Guide us to manifest our desires. Fairies are real and powerful. They are nature angels who help us to heal, find happiness, enjoy happy relationships and make the world a better place.

7. Counseling - Understand the cause of the problem and guide to lead a balance and harmonious life , free from all stress and anxiety.

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